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Welcome to Van-Mar Beagles.

We are an AKC preservation breeder located among the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills in northern California, raising our dogs in the home as members of our family. We focus on the conformation, health, and temperament of the Beagle both as a show dog and companion, and aim to improve the breed while also preserving its past. Our Beagles are bred to adhere to the written standard published by the American Kennel Club and we regularly compete in events and conformation shows to evaluate our progress in the pursuit of creating "the Perfect Beagle". Read more about us and our values here.

Interested in a puppy from us?

Stock from only the best lines is incorporated into our breeding program through careful thought and selection decided over a period of years, which results in about 1-2 litters per year. No expense is spared when it comes to producing and protecting the well-being of the next generation. We breed for ourselves, first and foremost. The puppies we do not keep for ourselves are sold to families who pass a questionnaire evaluation and screening. View more information and our current availability here.

CH Van-Mar Th Whole Shebang th weekend she finished her AKC Championship

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