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Purebreds and the four P's.

Preserve. Protect. Predict. Purpose.


We pride ourselves on being preservation breeders of predictable, purpose-bred purebreds. This is a relatively new term to the dog world, but one who's meaning helps set good, ethical and responsible breeders apart from the rest. What this means in simple terms, is that when you buy from a Preservation Breeder, you can rest assured knowing they are dedicated to breeding solely for the purpose of preserving and protecting the original purpose and function of the breed by creating companions that are healthy, of sound body and mind, and predictable in nature.


Preservation Breeders take the guesswork out of your next dog's history, health, predicted size, temperament, and life expectancy. They stand behind their dogs for the entirety of it's life, willing to take a dog back for any reason and at any time, if the owner can no longer care for it. They serve as mentors and teachers throughout the dog's life as you navigate dog ownership. And finally, they are honest and forthcoming when it comes to protecting the well-being of every dog they produce and the breed as a whole.

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