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Our Puppies.

If you're interested in adding a Van-Mar bred Beagle to your family in the future, please be aware of our requirements:

  • Do your research

​Whether you're just thinking about adding a dog to your family, on the hunt for your next dog, or are already an experienced Beagle owner, we ask you to do you do your research to make sure a Beagle is the right fit for you and your lifestyle. There are many websites, books, and articles on the subject available on the market. You may also find breed info and our experiences on Beagle ownership here.

  • Find answers to your FAQ's

Before inquiring,​ please visit visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to your most common questions.

  • Complete an application

Being thorough is key. We love it when our applicants share their past experiences with dog ownership, tell us about their family, the types of activities they hope to enjoy with their new Beagle... and when we even get pictures! Please ensure we are expecting a litter by visiting our planned litters page before completing your application.

  • Tell us about yourself

The ​more we know about you, the better we're able to determine your suitability for a puppy and make the best possible match (for you, us, and the puppy). We receive hundreds puppy inquiries from all over the country, so developing a relationship with us over time sets you apart from the rest and ensures our trust in you.

  • ​Have a securely-fenced yard

Beagles are not to be trusted off-leash and can get into trouble in an instant. You must have a way to contain your Beagle on your property.​

  • Be prepared to pick-up your puppy in person

We do not allow the selling of puppies or adult dogs sight unseen. Picking up your puppy in person gives you the opportunity to meet us and the dam, see your puppy's living conditions prior to taking your him or her home, and ensures the puppy reaches you safely.

What is included with a Van-Mar Puppy?

Our puppies leave home at eight weeks of age and come up-to-date on vaccines; are de-wormed, dewclawed, micro-chipped, and have begun litter-box training and basic crate training.


We expose our puppies to a variety of situations, people, sights, sounds, and smells during those first eight weeks and feel daily handling of them from day one is vital to producing a well-rounded, confident, and properly-socialized adult Beagle for you to enjoy. Read more about how we raise our puppies here.


Each new puppy owner is supplied with a comprehensive Puppy Packet containing our written guarantee of health, ownership sales agreement, current vaccination records, educational articles pertaining to dog ownership, a sample of dog food, and documents to register their puppy with the American Kennel Club.


We take immense pride and responsibility in each puppy we produce and expect to remain involved throughout the remainder of its life. Understand that if at any time, under any circumstance, you can no longer fulfill your commitment to raising a Van-Mar Beagle, it is to be returned to us for proper re-homing, without a refund.

New Puppy Packet
  • Lifetime Breeder Support and Advice

  • Prepaid AKC Registration

  • Written Health Guarantee

  • Full Health Check-Up by a Licensed Veterinarian

  • First Set of Vaccines

  • Vaccine Record

  • Dewormed

  • Dewclawed

  • Microchipped

  • Basic Litter-box Training

  • Basic Crate Training

  • Informational Articles

  • Small Bag of Purina Pro Plan

My babies _3.jpg
This girl seriously has me wrapped aroun
Naughty Katy!.jpg
Good morning from Penelope and crew!.jpg
Penelope at 8 weeks... We love our baby
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