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How we raise our puppies.

Here you will learn a little bit about how we raise our puppies. Our goal is to produce dogs who exude confidence, are well-rounded and easily adaptable to situations of all kinds. and most of all, who can be an enjoyable companion to their owners.



Our puppies are raised in the center of our home from day one. This exposes them to a variety of sights, smells, sounds and textures during the first few weeks of their life. During this time, we work on handling, imprinting, desensitization, nail clipping, checking teeth, eyes, ears, bellies and feet, litter box training, and basic crate training. They are introduced to the outdoors around 5 weeks of age, weather permitting. They are also introduced and accustomed to children and (our) dogs on a limited basis before they leave to their new homes. We do not have the ability to do any testing with cats or livestock.

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Crate Training

Once the puppies are old enough, we replace their whelping box with a puppy pen and crate. We leave the crate door open and place soft bedding inside to entice the puppies to use it for resting and sleeping. We also use crating when transporting puppies to their first vet visits and they usually take to it right away.

Litter-Box Training

We use a litter pan and pellet system and have had major success using this litter training method, garnering about 90% usage by the time the puppies are 8 weeks old. We highly recommend continuing with litter-box usage as your puppy makes the transition into using the outdoors. The products we use are either SecondNature Dog Litter found on or So Phresh Dog Litter found at Petco and the So Phresh Dog Litter Pan.



At about 3-4 weeks, puppies are offered Purina Pro Plan Sport chicken and rice formula. We recommend continuing this diet for the remainder of your puppy's life. You can find this diet at, or at your local pet store.

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