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Call Name: Charity

Variety: Estimated 15"

Date of Birth: May 27, 2020

Bred by: Sarah Sweetman

Heath Clearances: Pending

Charity was graciously shared with us through the generosity of her breeder, Sarah Sweetman of Kazuri Beagles. She had known I had wanted a puppy from Buddy for a while, and when the availability of Charity unexpectedly opened up, she was sure to message me right away. I took exactly 24 hours to make my decision, knowing it would mean adding a third puppy in just a few week's time, but I knew I had to jump at the chance. Charity not only comes from the Australian lines I had been looking to incorporate into my line, but is also related to one of my favorite dogs, Lee (sharing sibling parents), Charity is has been a joy to have around. She is playful, inquisitive, friendly, and cooperative. She is graced with a beautiful headpiece with the pleading Beagle expression we have come to adore. We excitedly anticipate bringing her into the ring in 2021.

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